Over a week ago we found out that Little Petra, one of the Cherry finch fledglings that we thought was female, turned out to be male. Well, Cassi, the other Cherry finch fledgling has now moulted, and it turns out Cassi is also a male! In order to avoid us confusing him with Orion, we have given Cassi a yellow band on his left leg.

Female Cherry finches will have white eyebrows, while a male Cherry finch will not have white eyebrows and will have a black bib under their beak. It seems that male Cherry finch chicks look like female Cherry finches (minus the adult chest plumage).

Also, so far we had thought that only 2 of our 10 Society finch fledglings were male. However this weekend Comet (one of Donovan’s lighter brown fledglings) decided to start singing. He is not very good, but sings a lot lately.... So it would seem Comet is also male!
Seeing as Comet took so long to begin singing, it is possible more of our Society fledglings may turn out to be Male.

lennox holder
5/5/2015 16:41:15

still cannot identify male from female when they are all brown when young Bull finch also called chickhchung


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