To start, a Society finch is the American name for a Bengalese finch, most likely due to their sociable nature. They are supposed to be friendly and docile, but one of our Bengalese finches definitely is not social. If you have read the original post, you would be right in guessing that we are talking about Luna.

Following her feuds with Darwin when we first got Luna and Donovan, Luna went from being a shy and cowardly finch to a fighter. Since Apollo managed to breed with her and she had her four chicks, she has become a bit more social, but only to Donovan and her own children.

Two nights ago, Luna had been stopping any of Donovan’s children from entering the nest at night to sleep, though once Donovan forced Luna to the back of the nest it was no longer a problem. However, last night Luna must of been going over the top, cause she was properly attacking any of Donovan’s children once they got into the nest (we could hear them screeching in fright). As such, we had to remove the nest last night.

So, last night they all lined up on the silk vines hanging along the back of the cage and slept in a row. That is, all but Luna, who decided to sleep in the food bow, which is pretty much the furthest point you can get in the cage from where everyone else was.

Now, we know that cage is a bit cramped, 10 finches in a 120cm by 50cm by 50cm cage (L x W x H), and we had been discussing getting a new cage for a while. Initial indications suggest the nest was the cause, as Luna must have wanted it to lay more eggs, because now it is removed there has been no bickering or fighting as of yet today. Never the less, it is time to get a new cage.

Now, we already have 3 large cages ideal for 6 birds each, and one small cage apparently ideal for 2 birds, making 20 in total which matches how many we currently have, but we want our birds to have more length to fly and exercise, so the small cage is reversed as the sick cage only.

The aim is find a cage ideal for 4 finches (in length), so that we can move our 2 Zebra finches across. However, they are currently sitting on eggs (preliminary checks suggest they are all infertile, which is a shame, but at least it does not add more problems later on). So in the mean time, we will most likely move the 4 Cherry finches, or all 4 adult Bengalese finches to the new cage temporarily, while we wait for the Zebra finches to give up on their eggs so that we can make the switch between cages.

In the mean time, it is actually quite hard to find a cage with a base area larger than 50cm by 50cm which is suitable for 4 finches. Most cages either end up being all about height (which finches do not really utilise), or the bar spacing is too big. Also, we currently do not have the room for another large cage ideal for 6 finches, so getting another one like the ones we currently have is out of the question.

Well, fingers crossed we’ll find one soon.

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