This week we moved home, and today the finches got moved to the new property as well. We put the Bengalese finches together in the large bared cage as we did not want to transport them in the metal flight cages. But Theodore, who normally stays in the bared cage with the Cherry finches, took advantage of the fact that the other Bengalese finches were in unknown territory, and was singing and sneak mounting several of the females.

They are all back in their normal cages now, apart from Theodore and Peppi who have been moved from the bared cage with the Cherries, to the Flight cage with Luna, Apollo and their children.

As part of the new house, we plan on getting the Bengalese finches a 6’ x 3’ x 6’ indoor aviary, which we hope to order soon once we have decided which one to get. We plan on updating the website more often now that most of the hassle of buying our first house is out of the way.