Well the birds have been in the Aviary for nearly two weeks now and seem quite happy. Only a few minor changes have been made, such as putting the water feeder on the floor, as we accidently spilt it a few times reaching up to attach it to the top of the aviary.  We also had to replace and thin out the wood chippings on the floor, as it had gotten to damp from spilling water and giving the birds excessive baths, and couldn’t dry out so started to smell. That happened within the first week, and there have not been any issues since.

The aviary is cleaned each weekend (which is surprisingly easy and does not take very long) and the wood chippings will be replaced every other week. We also got a short hand held snow shovel for scooping up the wood chippings.

So far, hardly anyone has shown interest in the nests, mostly sleeping on the artificial fern and the vine wrapped perch. However, one couple (Theodore and Peppi) have been interested, and have occupied the far left one.  We have been checking the nest for eggs and so far retrieved five eggs in total. While we do like chicks, we don’t want Theodore and Peppi breeding, as they are related and so would end up with genetically weaker chicks.

Our two new female Fawn Cherry Finches are doing well, and will be grouped with our other Cherries in about a weeks time.

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