With our Cherry and Bengalese chicks now 2 months old, they have began moulting and the Cherry finches are slowly gaining their adult colours.... and it seems Little Petra is in fact a male, as he has developed a bib under his beak, sings a lot and the pale eye brows are disappearing. Petra’s bib started coming through a few days ago, and Cassi isn’t changing despite hatching the same day.

As such, it seems that both male and female Cherry finch fledglings will look the same, and both will look female. They begin moulting at 2 months into their adult colours. It is quite important we share this information, as it seems there is a limited amount of information available on the internet about Cherry finches.

Our Cherry finches are quite confident when it comes to bath time, and enjoy getting themselves completely soaked. They enjoy their egg food, as well as the cucumber, broccoli and cauliflower we feed them. They are similar to Bengalese finches in that they enjoy the silk plants/leaves and will interact with them regularly. Also, our Cherry finches do not appear to like bought bird nests (wicker basket or hollowed coconut).

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