Our two Zebra finches, Florence and Darwin were our first finches, and when the Bengalese and Cherry finches were sitting on eggs in January, we also let the Zebras keep their eggs, but sadly they were unsuccessful to hatch any chicks.
Since then, the Zebras were moved to the original large cage to allow us to divide up the Bengalese and Cherry finches, once the fledglings had become independent.

Recently we have now put a nest at the top of the spiral rope, and one side of the cage is now decked out with new silk leaves. Unsuprisingly, the Zebras are happy enough to attempt to another round of egg laying. However, it seems they are really going for fertile eggs, if you know what we mean!

The egg can be seen in the top picture, while the new silk leaves can be seen in the bottom picture. The large leaf shown is quite sturdy, and can easily support the weight of a few finches, though we are yet to see the Zebras try.

And while on the theme of Zebra finches, we have also added two new short videos to the Video Centre page, one of Darwin having a bath, then one of Florence also having a bath.

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