For finches kept in cages, even if they are longer flight ones like ours (120cm), it is always good to let them fly around freely indoors. However, letting birds outside the cage is also very dangerous, and requires preparation beforehand.
For the last two weeks we have been letting our Zebra finches out of their cage. We used to do this regularly at our previous house and they were usually well behaved, but we have been less willing to do so at our current home, as the front door opens directly into the living room (where the birds are kept).
Before we let them out, we locked the doors and windows, closed all curtains, removed dangerous objects and covered up likely places to get stuck.

When letting birds fly outside their cage, it is always important to let them come out on their own terms. Yes the room is larger than their cage, but their cage is their home and they feel more secure there. Even if they can see entire room from inside their cage, it is still a scary place.
So for the last two weekends, we have opened the cage with the Zebra finches to see if their wanted to get some exercise. Last week Darwin came out and perched on the curtain rail, did not do much for about 30minutes then flew back to the cage. This week, Florence was keen to get some exercise, flying out and back in to the cage in quick rounds multiple times, though this was setting the Cherry finches off in their cage. So we opened the cage with the Cherry finches. Only Cassi came out, flew round the entire room a few times, settled on the Zebra cage before putting himself back.

It is a good thing our finches appear to put themselves back. One of the most dangerous things about letting birds fly around outside their cage, is if you have to catch them to put them back, as a scared finch is a silly finch, and may put less thought into where they are flying...
Florence, our female Zebra finch, considers flying outside her cage
Florence settles on the Cherry finches cage, though not to their amusement
Florence prepares to return home

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