Today we decided the finch chicks and respective parents were ready to be split up, as the one cage has been over crowded for a few weeks while we waited for the chicks to be independent for a week.
As such, the Zebras got moved into the old large cage, kitted out with a spiral piece which they used to adore. We also put in a pile of alfalfa hay for them, so now Darwin is hard at work.

The birds have now been split as follows:
1) Zebras in one cage as they fight with everyone else!
2) Cherry adults and chicks together with two Bengalese adults and two Bengalese chicks;
3) Two Bengalese adults with remaining eight Bengalese chicks.

While each of our large cages are designed for six birds each, and the current setup is still a bit over crowded, it is better than is has been for the last few weeks, and quite a few finches appear to appreciate the change.

Additionally, this little chap (pictured below) began practicing to sing today!
Now the birds have been split up appropriately, we have prepared a list of names for the chicks, so stay tuned to find out what they will all be called!

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