The other day Florence and Darwin suffered a fright in the night, when their nest fell down suddenly with them asleep in it. The birds are ok, but they are now afraid of their nest, so we have taken it out. The nest fell down because we made the mistake of hanging it up on an adhesive plastic hook attached to the metal cage, and the adhesive failed despite how light the nest and finches are.

The Fawn Cherry Finches are out of quarantine and have been put in with the other Cherry Finches. However, Plum and Orion have been moved to a medical cage, as it seems the younger males had been plucking Plum’s wing feathers. The female Fawn Cherry Finches and young male Cherry Finches are getting on well. Petra is no longer acting dominant and instead acting shy, while Cassi has taken the stand to impress the new ladies.

The Bengalese Finches are doing well in the aviary. Two additional changes were made to the aviary:

1)      Removal of the internal divider which used to hide the nests. This has opened the flight space significantly and has stopped Theodore and Peppi from being territorial of their nest;

2)      Addition of another artificial fern to hang in the back right corner. This space was currently unused and the Bengalese Finches appear to enjoy sleeping on top of these at night.

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