So today we went to the National Bird Show in Stafford, where there was a lot of birds, some I have never seen before such as sunbirds. We saw a lot of fancy finches but we did not see any Penguin Zebras, Pure White Bengalese or Fawn Cherries Finches. There was also lots of general goods sale stands, and there were a lot of wooden cages at amazing low prices. We managed to get a wooden cage/display cage, measuring 12” deep x 15” high x 23.5” long for only £15!

We also saw many escaped birds, one of which was an Owl Finch which we tried to catch using our newly bought net but sadly failed. I hope they rescue all escaped birds.

On a more cheerful note, we found and bought two new finches today, two Dilute Fawn Crested Bengalese Finches, oh which one appears to be male because he has been singing away happily all day since we got home.
Our new wooden cage, not to bad for only £15!
Our two new Dilute Fawn Crested Bengalese Finches

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